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Where Randomness Meets Subatomic Precision

In 1960, Theodore Maiman and co-workers created the world’s first laser. Working on the principle of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, the beam produced by a laser is unique in that all the photons in the beam have both the same wavelength and the same phase. Because of this innocuous-sounding property, the humble… Continue reading Where Randomness Meets Subatomic Precision


The Impossible Space Engine is Back

Here we go again. I didn’t really want to write this post. I’m reluctant to give further visibility to something that’s already overly sensationalised. I’m also a little scared of wading back into this controversy, especially since others have already done fantastic jobs, but against my better judgement, here we are. The last time I… Continue reading The Impossible Space Engine is Back


Ripples in Space Open New Window on Cosmos

[This feature article was originally written for Popular Astronomy and appears in their May/June 2016 issue.]   A little over a billion years ago, back when complex life on Earth was just getting started, two black holes were colliding in a far-off galaxy. Each as massive as thirty Suns, these two behemoths spiralled towards each… Continue reading Ripples in Space Open New Window on Cosmos