Bye Bye WordPress

Hey everybody,

This blog’s been a little neglected for a while (again), but this time it’s because I’ve been focusing on developing a new one. I was getting a bit tired of WordPress, which for all its features is a bit of a bloated platform, with lots of things that were starting to annoy me.

So, to that end, I’ve redesigned the blog from the ground up and moved over to a combination of Hugo (for the site code) + Firebase (for the hosting). This is much faster and more flexible, though I have to implement all the features myself so it’s been a bit of a learning curve. As I write this, things like comments and RSS aren’t working on the new site yet, but I’ll add them in time. So far, the new site is much faster to navigate, easier for me to customise, and is much cleaner and slicker than this WordPress one.

I redesigned this WordPress site a bunch of times and was never happy with it, so it remains to be seen whether I stick with the new platform. For the time being it’s an experiment I’m happy to continue with, and I’ll continue adding new features until I’ve got it running the way I want. In particular, I don’t have subscriber alerts set up yet on the new site, but you can always keep up with me on Twitter until I get that feature added.

The new address is brokensymmetryblog.firebaseapp.com, or give it a little while and brokensymmetryblog.co.uk should redirect there too. I’ll leave this site live for a while, but expect it to go private within a few months after I get all the content I want to keep moved over to the new site.

See you all there,


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